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Personal Computing moved from Desk to lap and now to the hand. While convenience is a factor, the capabilities of the devices cannot be ignored.

MBUZZ-Client Computing Business Unit offers Barebone Mini PCs and Professional Display Solutions from the Industry leading manufacturers for diverse client computing needs of today.

We also supply fully custom-made Workstations wherein we allow our clients to handpick each component to ensure the right computing power for any application such as Graphic Design, Video Editing, CAD, 3-D Design, or other CPU, GPU & DRAM Intensive programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

A barebone PC is a computer that has minimal components. A typical mini PC barebone system includes a chassis , motherboard , CPU, and power supply. Most barebones systems are sold as kits, that can be customized and added by the user (namely Hard disk, RAM )

All in one desktop is a PC that has all the sepcifications of a traditional desktop including a display. Major advantage of the All in one is ease of management and better ergonomics. All in one desktops are available as full systems with less option for customisation . Mini PCs has the same functionality of a desktop PC however they are much smaller compared to a traditional desktop . A typical Mini PC can be attached behind a monitor using a standard VESA mount KIT. Mini PCs are easier to repair as compared to All in one desktops because of its design .

Some of the Mini PCs have the option for Discrete graphics and Optical drive . Asus mini PC model PB60G supports NVIDIA Quadro®️ graphics card or optical drive.

Due to their smaller size, Mini PCs are configured with lower voltage CPUs . However, some mini PC models support higher voltage CPUs. The performance of a Mini PC is no way reduced due to their size. They provide almost similar performance of a desktop for an apple to apple comparison of specification

At Mbuzz, workstations can be configured and sized as per the customer’s requirement . We have a technical team who can specifically design the configuration as per the customer’s application requirement . They have a choice between Asus, Supermicro or Assembled workstations

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